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School Site Council


The School Site Council has 6 staff members and 6 parents.

Staff members must include the principal, the 4 teachers (1 primary teacher, 1 middle grade, 1 upper grade teacher, & 1 special-ed teacher), and 1 classified staff member.  All staff members are elected by the school staff.

Parent members must include parents of currently enrolled students and are elected by parents.

Our English Learner Advisory Committee is made up of 51% of English Learner Parents.  It is an advisory committee and makes recommendations to the SSC to improve the academic progress of our English Learners.

Standing Committees and Schoolwide Positive Behavior Intervention Support Committee

Standing Committees are 4 advisory subcommittees that meet monthly. They make recommendations and report to the LSLC and/or SSC, who then make final decisions based on the committees' recommendations. The committees are made up of teachers and a parent representative.



Safety Facilities and Budget

Professional  Development

Standards & Conduct



This committee is a part of our Discipline Foundation Policy.  It reviews behavioral data, expectations, incentives, interventions, and schoolwide behavioral expectations. The committe is made up of the Principal, general education teacher, special education teacher, classified staff, and a parent representative.

Schoolwide Positive Behavior Intervention Support Committee




Meetings are held on Thursdays  throughout the school year at 4:00 p.m.